What drives you to make decisions?

From the way you answered the questions, you have the following traits.


Conventional vs Creative
Creative: You are intellectually curious. Your beliefs are individualistic and frequently drift towards the unconventional.
Conventional: You are down to earth. You tend follow traditional and regular ways.
Both: You are curious and well as down to earth. Based on the situation, your beliefs can be individualistic or conventional.


Dependable vs Careless
Careless: You do not make long term plans and may even be disorganized or lazy.
Dependable: You are thoughtful and prefer to plan everything to the last detail.
Both: You are thoughtful and occasionally disorganized.


Reserved vs Extroverted
Extrovert: You are energetic. You seek stimulation and enthusiasm in the company of others.
Reserved: You avoid social occasions in larger groups and seek enjoyment in smaller groups.
Both: You can be reserved as well as extroverted dpending on situations.


Warm vs Critical
Critical: You may find it difficult to get along with people and be suspicious of their motives.
Warm: You are cooperative. People warm to you, and you to them.
Both: You adapt and can be warm as well as critical.


Calm vs Anxious
Anxious: You find it difficult to stay calm and resilient and may easily get upset or stress out.
Calm: You are difficult to upset or stress out and you rarely react with negative emotions.
Both: You stay calm at times but are also likely to stress out at other times.

Based on these personality profiles, users can be targeted. Specific types of wording and imagery are selected to resonate with them and may even lead them to make certain decisions.

Messages or text you are likely to respond to

“ Try our new...”

“ Our traditional...”

“ Stay organized...”

“ Get custom...”

“ Check our exciting...”

“ Learn about our...”

“ Try our new...”

“ Stay in touch with...”

“ Get our...”

“ Stay Safe and secure with ...”

Our quiz shows that you have a well balanced personality and we cannot determine which messages or text you would respond to.

Images that you might positively relate to:

Our quiz shows that you have a well balanced personality and we cannot determine which images you would appeal to you.

This personality quiz uses the Ten Item Personality Inventory (TIPI) by Gosling, S. D., Rentfrow, P. J., & Swann, W. B., Jr. (2003). A Very Brief Measure of the Big Five Personality Domains. Journal of Research in Personality, 37, 504-528.

Suggested Images and text responses are based on
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